The Musings of a Mid-Life Crisis Career Changer

A couple years ago I decided that I was tired of sitting behind a desk, tired of collecting records and shuffling paper, and tired of being what I was. I think it’s common for people to hit the middle of their life and be unsatisfied or want more. They get new cars or new partners or change careers. I upended my world by deciding to change careers, get married to an Englishman, buy an electric car, and adopt a bluetick coonhound. Yep, closing in on 50, I feel a whole lot better! … And sleep-deprived.

For my new career, I decided to follow my dream of teaching. Not just any ol’ teaching either, special education. So, as teaching is a self-reflective journey, herein lie the thoughts and concerns of an introvert who wants to spend at least the next ten years trying to convince children that they are smart enough and they are good enough and they can do it, even when they think they can’t and even if they need a little extra push.

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