When do we Go Home?

It’s been nearly a month of in-person classes. The coronavirus is spreading through the communities. Schools are losing students and teachers to COVID. The students are good at keeping their masks on for the most part, but they eat and drink on campus. They take their masks off. As teachers, we take our masks off. The virus is airborne. It’s honestly only a matter of time before someone comes into contact with the virus with their mask off and becomes infected.

There are spiking cases this week…almost right on time with several private guesses I’ve heard. I predicted schools would stay open into October…not because there were no cases but because politicians and deniers (WHO THE HELL DENIES THE EXISTENCE OF A WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC?! WHO?!) will resist closing the schools.

That’s happening now.

There are teachers, infected at school (not my school or district) who are now in the ICU on a ventilator. Emergency meetings have been called. … And yet, the school will remain open. Students will still go to class on Monday. People are put out that they might have to quarantine again. Please. How dare ANYONE encroach on your “freedom” in order to save people from sickness and death. How do you rate that your life and comfort are so much more important than anyone else’s?

I am sickened by the self-absorption and self-centeredness of so many people.

And so the school stays open despite recommendations from the public health department to put the entire school on quarantine. They closed the school for two days to clean it. HELLO! McFly! The virus is IN THE STUDENTS! NOT IN THE BUILDING!! OMFG!

/End rant

My school?

Yeah, half the 8th graders are gone. The classes I’m teaching are 7th and 9th graders, so I haven’t noticed the drop.

I spend each day terrified that I will get sick and at the same time resigned to the fate of getting sick. I am too stubborn to die from the virus, so don’t worry about that. Yet, I remain convinced that trying to learn or teach in this environment is a disservice to everyone involved. Spiking cases and quarantined students overshadow any small victories I earn while student teaching. I am doing well on that side of things and learning every day. What I find most important in demonstration/student teaching is the daily practice of being in charge of a classroom and a lesson. I am learning every day the truth of theories I was taught and the importance of the strategies that master teachers use.

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