Elementary Teachers Rock!

During this pandemic, so many parents have learned how hard it is to teach their child, never mind trying to teach a whole classroom full! My lesson, as a student teacher, is that elementary level teachers are the most insanely amazing workers. They are generalists who build upon the work of one another in coordinated teams who are constantly bouncing ideas off one another. Their goal is to bring out the best in every single student they see.

I’ve been working as an elementary teacher for … well, seemingly forever, but probably about three weeks…maybe four. The days are a blur and so are the weeks and weekends. I am teaching science, language arts, manners, and good citizenship. Monday, I take on math as well. I am also doing small group work.

Small group work? Yes, in the time of COVID. Because there is no way to teach small children in person but socially distanced. We all have our masks on all the time, of course. I feel safer at the elementary school than I felt at the middle school. … This reality is born out by the fact that the majority of middle schools in the district where I am teaching are online until the end of November in the hope that the virus can be contained or slowed.

I’m now uncertain which group of students I want to teach. I love doing all the curriculum, I adore working with students who are at different levels, some of them very advanced and some of them very low. However, I also like being able to do a deep dive into a single subject as you do at the middle school level.

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