And Stop!

I’ve done it! I stand on the cusp of completing my education degree. It has been an amazing journey. Favorite moments will forever include the science experiment where I spent a month waiting for a couple buckets of dirt to dry. I am graduating in the midst of a pandemic, in the middle of a school year like no other. I have had a couple job interviews, but I decided to spend some time honing my classroom management skills by signing up to substitute. Later this spring, the plan is for me to take over a class whilst a teacher goes out on maternity leave.

The list of people who have helped and supported me through all this is incredibly long. My husband, my son, my mother, my sister. My brother as well. Friends dear, both old and new. Co-workers, mentor teachers, and co-teachers too. Everyone has been so very amazing.

Substitute Survival Kit Supplies

I’m putting together my Substitute Teacher Survival kit over the rest of Christmas Break. I should have my first assignment shortly after the new year! Before I go, though, I have to finish demonstration teaching. Because of the late start, I have one more week after the break. My final scores should be posted shortly after that. I suspect I will be fully credentialed by the end of January.

I would like to apologize in advance for my quirky behavior that is sure to make an impression on students. 😀

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