Spring Marches In

This month, I received my 2-shot vaccination. I was miserable for a couple of days but nothing compared to getting the actual disease and having to be hospitalized. My side effects included stiffness and pain in my arm, brain fog, and sleeping for nearly three days straight. My husband had the 1-shot J&J shot. He had a mid-range fever for a couple of days and all over body aches. But he’s doing well now.

Get your vaccine when your turn comes up!

In other news, I’ve hit the wall substituting. It is really hard to go into a different classroom with a different set of students every day. It’s a good thing my long-term assignment starts soon! I’ll be taking much of the rest of March off to recuperate before working straight through for six weeks. At this same time, I am searching for a permanent position that will start next year. Stay posted!

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