Long-Term Assignment!

Well, it’s about that time. I put off applying for jobs when I finished my degree in January partly because I wanted to get out and experience the world and partly because I had promised a friend I would take her class as a long-term sub when she went on maternity leave. Her leave starts in two weeks.

Mrs. B is taking over the class for a month and a half! Pray…for me, for the children, what-have-you. 😀

I’ve been subbing for the teacher while she goes to doctor’s appointments, so the students are pretty used to me. Enough so that they have decided to test boundaries. They’re still adorable, even when they won’t sit down and work quietly and their teacher gets all the points.

I think long-term sub is a great next step. I am the only one in the classroom, and we have a job to do and learning to get through, so it’s a good next step from subbing and/or student teaching. The kids will be doing language arts and math of course. Me, being me, I want to make science and writing a regular part of their schedule. In addition, they have benchmark testing, perhaps data collection on a student or two for referral to Special Education, and statewide mandated testing all while I’m there in charge.

In addition, I’ve applied for about seven jobs and had two interviews. Fingers crossed for a reading, ELA resource, or self-contained class in a middle school less than 10 miles from my house.

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