Below are collected resources for students, parents and fellow teachers. Many are website I have found useful, while others have been brought to my attention by the community. I hope you find them useful! is an ADD/ADHD resource.

A to Z Teacher Stuff provides a whole host of resources curated by fellow teachers. This link specifically goes to literacy centers.

Modifying Your Backyard provides handy tips and important information regarding outdoor space for children with special needs.

Cerebral Palsy provides information on cerebral palsy for parents and advocates.

Common Sense Media provides information on media that students are consuming.

The Great Books Foundation provides information on their Shared Inquiry Method of teaching.

LD Online provides resources for parents and teachers of students with learning disabilities.

Nemours is a health and advice site with special pages for kids, teens, and parents, as well as lesson plans for teachers

O*Net Online provides a wide variety of resources for families and teachers, focused on transitions.

Parent Center Hub provides resources for parents of children with disabilities. provides educational resources for parents, children, and teachers.

Privacy HQ has a great article on cyberbullying and prevention


Renaissance provides a searchable database for books in English and Spanish.

For Fellow Teachers

The following resources are geared toward fellow educators. However, parents and children might also benefit from this information.

The Balanced Literacy Diet provides lesson ideas and guidance regarding teaching literacy.

The Buros Testing Center provides reviews and information regarding a variety of testing available for students in need of screening.

Cast.Org – Universal Design for Learning provides information on UDL and how it can be used to reach children of all abilities.

Institute of Education Sciences provides access to education science and research. This link will take you to the What Works Clearinghouse.

IRIS Center provides resources for educators related to students with disabilities and special education.

IRIS Center Calculators

Whole Child approach centers school and learning in the community.